Karen Friar, Chief Financial Officer
Benco Dental

“I was skeptical when Evergreen predicted that 40% of our customers were unprofitable. They were right on. I am excited by what we are doing with these insights.

When I first saw our whale curve I was intrigued that we were missing so many opportunities to strengthen our bottom line.”

Kevin McClamroch, President
TriMark Adams-Burch

“Over the years that we have been working with Evergreen, we have made a couple of significant changes to how we go to market. Evergreen worked with us to update our SMART pricing to complement our new strategies and their success.”

Stewart Strauss, President & CEO
Strauss Paper Company

“Evergreen Consulting was sure that we would get almost zero pushback from our customers about fixing our pricing outliers. I was very skeptical, but in fact, nearly all of the resistance came from our own sales staff.

The extra help we got with our information system was invaluable. Our consultants from Evergreen totally understand our IT system and were able to help us get more out of our pricing module.

The pricing training workshop that Evergreen presented to our outside and inside sales teams really opened their eyes. The SMARTPricing project was a big success due to the support from our sales professionals.

The idea that increasing our total company margins by only one percentage point would elevate our ROI by 8-10 points is a compelling reason to pursue SMART Pricing.”

Roland "Rolly" Dyck, Vice President & General Manager, Schilling Supply Co.